Events organized and run by KCHEC will conform to our mission, purpose and statement of faith.

Events organized and run by groups outside of KCHEC are sometimes shared with our email list.  These types of events may not always fully conform to our mission, purpose, and statement of faith.  While KCHEC strives to promote our mission and values in the events we share, we cannot fully vet everything that comes through our members for distribution. We also acknowledge that some things that don’t fully align may still provide some value. Sharing a member-submitted event is not necessarily a full endorsement by KCHEC. We advise parents to evaluate what is appropriate for their own families. 

Evaluating events that are submitted is sometimes difficult and we understand that members may be disappointed if their event submission is not accepted. We acknowledge that we may not be perfect in this process, but we will continue to do our best to evaluate events and promote the well-being of our community. Please know that our goal is not to reject submissions, but rather to ensure that all events sent out by KCHEC are in line with our values and promote the well-being of our members.

KCHEC’s email distribution will not include solicitations for products or services.